Why study in Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, a modern entity burrowed around spectacular scenery, very promising for a healthy outdoor lifestyle. It plays host to more than 180,000 International students in any given year…more

Job/ Employment in Canada

Co-op is a work term provided as part and parcel of the course curriculum. It provides an excellent opportunity to students to gain first hand practical experience related to the field of specialization…more

Student life in Canada

Canada is among the top ten places to live in the world. It is a highly preferred destination for study abroad. Perks of the Canadian culture start with their open-minded and non-judgmental…more

University/ Colleges in Canada

The main difference between Colleges and Universities is in that, if you are looking forward to an applied career you will enroll in a College whereas if you aim for an academic career your choice would be the University…more

Education system in Canada

In Canada, tertiary education includes every type of formal teaching program past secondary schools, be it academic, vocational, technical, or the professional education offered primarily by universities,…more

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As life gradually returns to normal, CANADA universities have begun accepting applications for Jan ’21 and Sep ’21 Intake.

Students can now procure Admission in both UG and PG course.

Visa offices of CANADA have started working as usual and are now processing Student Visa. Get in touch with us for expert advise.