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Education System in the UK

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The United Kingdom has a vast variety of higher education opportunities to offer students with over 100 universities offering various degree programs for students from the UK and around the world. Most undergraduate degree programs take three years to complete.The recent development is taking place in the form of the “sandwich course” which is increasing in popularity, the course is for four years and requires one year in the workplace which has to be completed during the third year. In Scotland, the courses are four years in length for undergraduate programs. In UK teachers are considered as friendly guides more than the teachers who wish to discipline the students. Mostly the teachers in UK have the same relationship with the students, as they share with their peer groups. This helps the students to approach the teacher and ask their doubts regarding studies as well as other concerning areas. The UK educational institutes promote good behaviour in their students. This is mainly done through lectures from motivational speakers as they inspire the students, there are many rewards for students, peer group support, community engagement programs and a lot more. Types of Certifications • University • Open University • College and Institution of Higher Education • Open College • College of Technology • Teacher Training College • Institute Grading System Usual Grading system in Secondary school: In UK Alphabetical system of grading is followed i.e. From A to E. A: excellent/outstanding; B: above average; C: average; D: below average; E: failing. Highest on scale: A Pass/fail level: C/D Lowest on scale: E Main Grading system used by higher education institutions: In UK Alphabetical system of grading is followed i.e. From A to E. A: excellent/outstanding; B: above average; E: fail. Highest on scale: A Pass/fail level: D/E Lowest on scale: E Types of degrees Types of taught courses Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas (PGCert; PGDip) Master (MA; MSc) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Types of research degrees Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Master of Research (MRes) Professional / Taught Doctorates (DEng, DMus, DEd, DBA, DClinPsych) New Route Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil) Bachelor Degrees Foundation Degrees Higher National Diplomas Higher National Certificates Diplomas of Higher Education Foundation courses, Foundation years or Access/Bridging courses The United Kingdom educational system will empower you to develop your curiosity, abilities in academics as well as personal skills with a lot of confidence. These abilities will help you in every phase of your life, to handle the situations with confidence and vigour.