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Co-op is a work term provided as part and parcel of the course curriculum. It provides an excellent opportunity to students to gain first hand practical experience related to the field of specialization. Students can gain on-the-job experience while continuing to study. Co-op provides full time opportunities that last for 12 to 17 weeks. Co-Operative work programmes, combine courses in many subjects with relevant work, giving students, an invaluable head-start with their careers. This assists International students in connecting with the Canadian job market and developing a network with the Canadian companies. While pursuing their studies, the students can work for the first 6 months on-campus and thereafter off-campus. Student can earn more from vocational & Technology courses than normal degrees. International students graduating from a program of 2 years or more in length would be eligible for a 3-year work permit after graduation with no restrictions on the types of employment and no requirement for a job offer. The experience gained would provide them an opportunity to work in an international setting and at the same time allow them to earn the money invested. Canada is an international leader in Java, computers, networking, wireless communications. Insulin, flat-screen technology is some of the leading inventions originated in Canada. It has a reputation of excellence in sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, engineering, microelectronics, hydroelectric power, biotechnology, food & beverage processing, geomatics, ocean & environmental industries, aerospace etc. Some top Canadian companies recognized worldwide are BlackBerry, IMAX, BATA, Corel, etc.