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Students Life in the UK

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The UK is an astonishing blend of international cultures and modern philosophy, which embraces each other by its uniqueness and tradition. Being an international student, you will experience a range of thrilling and inspiring situations. You will get an opportunity to explore the foreign land and to meet people from around the world. The United Kingdom is a country which has many customs & traditions, and is cosmopolitan in nature, because of this factor you will find it very comfortable to adjust there. The culture is very familiar to us which helps the students from India to adjust in the foreign land very easily. The studies at the English University are extraordinary. Along with the intense study schedule you will be given free time when you can explore the local area and enjoy the various aspects of the country. Various universities across The United Kingdom organises event for students like concerts, fairs and different kinds of exhibitions. You can also be a part of the university sports team, radio station and newspapers. University also holds a Fresher’s Week for the new students. During this week students go for parties, various social events and settle down in their accommodations. This event is a great opportunity to make new friends and for international students to get used to the new surroundings. Student life in UK is quite varied in terms of various things you can discover and do. You can visit the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, the Horse Guards Parade and the very famous Buckingham Palace. The “West End” of London also known as the “Theatreland” is the hub of the night life enjoyed by the students. If you are in London in the month of August, you can be a part of the largest street parties in the world. Notting Hill Carnival of London celebrates the Caribbean culture. The festival is celebrated with a high energy, loud music and exotic food. This festival is worth attending once in your university tenure. Oxford and Cambridge are the historical towns of the UK. Students at universities here can study intensively as these places are quiet in nature. These towns are known for their live theatre plays and less of nightlife. Punting- a form of boating is the oldest activity know to the United Kingdom is home of these towns. A student life in UK is very different in every region. The university you attend will influence the experience you will have as a student in UK. A student life can be very inspiring, educative and informational, but at the same time it depends on you how you carve out your life in UK as a student.