February 27, 2024

5 most popular courses in UK universities 


5 most popular courses in UK universities 

Be it Rahul from Delhi or Ritika from Hyderabad, most of them turn up with their dilemmas as to which course they should go for while hoping to pursue higher education abroad. Although we do help students in understanding the trend of the hour as well as their own potential in their interested subjects, what we observe is that students often lack clarity of the courses which leads to their indecisiveness in the matter. 

To solve that state of confusion, 3 courses are mentioned below that you, even if you are neither Ritika nor Rahul but definitely aiming for the UK Universities, should consider.  These courses are based on popular searches and their credibility for further employment. 


Global MBA

Being evident from the name itself, the Global MBA programme has been students’ one of the top choices in recent years. Since 2020, the spike in the number of students opting for this programme has risen only. Not to mention, certain changes in the degree from a normal MBA to a ‘Global’ one has also shown significant changes in the success rate as it qualifies you to seek a job across the globe and not entitle you to a specific geographical zone. Hence, it is always preferable to go for this course instead of a normal MBA.

Data Science (BSc / MSc)

We are all aware of the fact that the future awaits a techno-driven world. AI and ML are the newly added subjects in the engineering studies. In such scenarios, it is highly advisable to opt for these courses and gain as much expertise as possible since the scope of employment has been raised above the bars.

Masters in Management (MIM / MSc Management)

Management is a skill and not everybody can do it efficiently, but you can. If you wish to be the next leader of your clan, to be the flagbearer of your skill to utilize the best out of people, this course is certainly designed for you. From learning the knick-knacks of managing to getting to mastering the ability to lead generations, this course prepares you for the best.

International Relations (MA)

As time proceeds, we are getting more and more aware of global concerns and problems. A good number of students want to pursue International Relations (MA course) to get updated with the increasing number of problems and often work on finding solutions. The knowledge and coursework offered in this course works as a buttress for students who further want to work in reputed diplomatic organizations like the UN, EU, Amnesty Internationals, and other NGOs.

LLM International Law

An LLM in International Law has many benefits apart from being a master of international law. And worry not if you are not an LLB graduate, you can also take admission if you have previously studied Political Science, International Relations, or any other equivalent subject. LLM in International law bestows you with the ability and expertise to be able to stand up against any crime or injustice across the globe. It not only prepares you to fight against the system but also gives you a detailed understanding of the system itself, that too covering the majority of the world.

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