February 6, 2023

What Is H1-B Visa? And Its Benefits

h1 visa

What is H-1B?

H-1B visa category is controlled by U.S Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) which looks after the allocation. The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa category temporary in nature which enables employers to hire educated foreign professionals with at least bachelor’s degree. Jobs in the field of mathematics, technology, engineering and medical sciences often provide the students with this opportunity. The H-1B category was established in 1990, the congress keeps limiting the number of visa available each year. Every year up to 65,000 thousand new H-1B visas are issued. The aim of H-1B visa is to help employers get hold of capable and business skilled employees and to provide the foreign workforce temporary employment which grant them authorization to work.

Who Qualifies For H1-B Visa?

The most important requirement for getting a H1-B Visa is to ensure that the job qualifies as a “specialty occupation”. This means the occupation that requires theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge and attainment of bachelors and higher degree as minimum entry for the occupation in US.

You must ensure that you fulfill the following criteria in order to obtain H-1B:

  • A bachelor or equivalent is necessary.
  • It is believed that the position is complex and unique and can only be managed by a person with a specialized degree in the same field.
  • If you do not possess a bachelor’s but have relevant experience you can still apply for H-1B based upon your experience. All you need to do is demonstrate the recognition of your expertise.

Validation of H1B

The maximum duration for this visa is for about 6 years, the initial period for stay is for 3 years, with the extension of 3 additional years. The visa holders of H-1b are eligible for applying for the green card (permanent residence).


There are no rigid regulations under H-1B, the holder has the ability to change their employment status from one employer to the other. It also permits the students to work in part-time for multiple employers at the same time. If you are planning to settle in USA after completing education then this visa will be your 1st step towards achieving your goal.

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