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Some key facts about the UK

Lifestyle in UK. There are many things one can adore about the UK. Let us take a look at most famous among them. Theseaside – there are beautiful beaches covered with golden sand which attract a large number of tourists. The sports– passion about sports like Tennis, Football, Basketball, Rugby, and cricket is deep rooted…

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Study Overseas: USA, UK, Canada

Study abroad is a golden opportunity of gaining an enriching experience of studying with people belonging to different cultures, discovering new things and developing a habit of learning differently. It turns out to be a fantastic chance for someone who loves to travel. There are enormous benefits which come along with study abroad. One of…

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Student studying together
Why take IELTS with Rapidex Education

You must be able to show a high level of English language competence if you want to work, reside, or study in an English-speaking country. With more than 350 million speakers globally, English is the third spoken language in the world. The ability to speak the local language of the nation in which you intend…

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