January 2, 2023

Some key facts about the UK

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Lifestyle in UK.
There are many things one can adore about the UK. Let us take a look at most famous among them.

  • Theseaside – there are beautiful beaches covered with golden sand which attract a large number of tourists.
  • The sports– passion about sports like Tennis, Football, Basketball, Rugby, and cricket is deep rooted in the UK’S population.
  • A cream tea with scones and Jam is an amazing beverage you cannot miss out.
  • Fish and chips are a British classic you can enjoy eating at the seaside.
  • V shows– British T.V industry has brought into the limelight some of the most loved t.v series and movies.
  • British accent– everyone wants to adapt a British accent which comes gradually while staying in the UK
  • Bank holidays– there are 8 extra days off for everyone which don’t come out of your annual working holiday allowance.
  • Music– British singers are loved for their melodious voices and marvelous lyrics through which they give life to songs.
  • Diversity– you can find people belonging to all sorts of diverse cultures staying in the UK.
  • West end– towards the west of UK you can find award winning productions, theatre and local drama productions.
  • History– you can discover pubs, churches, castles or a house dating back to the 1600 all over the UK
  • Chocolates– UK is known for the invention of some of the world famous chocolates like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Curly Wurly, M&S’s chocolate brownie bites etc.
  • Annual snow mayhem– even during the slightest snowfall closure of schools and halt to public transport can be observed.
  • London- the most exciting part of UK is London, the city is full of life- different cultures and varieties are offered here, you can take a tour of London while sitting in its famous double decker bus.
  • London’s landmarks– Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s cathedral, Buckingham palace and London Eye are a must visit when going to UK.
  • Road trips– there is a lot to explore in UK, you can enjoy going on road trips with friends on weekends.
  • Afternoon tea– enjoy your tea with fancy sandwiches and cake as it adds on to the pride of the UK.
  • English breakfast– start your day with a healthy English breakfast.
  • Curry miles in Manchester– this is a place where largest concentration of Asian restaurants mainly Indian can be found.
  • A pub lunch– you can visit traditional pub on Sunday to roast up your afternoon lunch.
  • Lake districts– some of the most mesmerizing landscapes can be found in UK where one can endeavor immense peace.

Universities in UK

UK is known worldwide for its expertise in the field of science, Business, finance, engineering, designing and law. UK has a profound name in the field of scientific research and attracts students from all over the world for the same. It offers world class education and enrolls around 600,000 students from all over the world. The UK is also home to some of the world’s most renowned universities. The universities in UK are ranked from 1 to 121 which are purely based upon the reputation of the universities. If you are looking for the universities that can provide you with better employment then Russell group universities are all you are looking for. Moreover, all the universities in the UK are state based (government affiliated).
You may not be aware about the fact that math in not compulsory in all the universities around UK, apart from the top 10 universities, you can get admission in UK universities without math for technical subjects. There are many universities which offer you waver if you have scored above 80% in your 12th grade English which saves you from giving IELTS/ PTE. This means you can directly enter in a university without giving English proficiency test depending upon the condition mentioned above. You can work with your studies which add on the benefits. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week from which they can earn enough to pay for their expenses making them financially independent.
There are so many options in UG and PG courses upon which we’ll be discussing in our upcoming blogs. We have already enrolled thousands of students in UK universities, so what are you waiting for?

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