January 2, 2023

Study Overseas: USA, UK, Canada

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Study abroad is a golden opportunity of gaining an enriching experience of studying with people belonging to different cultures, discovering new things and developing a habit of learning differently. It turns out to be a fantastic chance for someone who loves to travel.

There are enormous benefits which come along with study abroad. One of the most important among them is development of Global skills. There are many personal and professional opportunities which open up for you. This is a life changing experience as students discover a sense of freedom, and learn to become self-dependent and responsible. If you are looking towards making your CV stand out then a world class degree is all you need. There are many new career opportunities that are unlatched with an abroad degree. Let us now discuss about the environment, working system and opportunities that are provided in UK, USA and Canada.

Students experience quite different social life in US. Students find people to be more friendly and open minded in US. In the universities extracurricular activities are important and are taken into consideration. Even most of the tasks like working on assignment, group studies and researches are done outside the classrooms. There are various recruitment programs which are going on campus, so it’s easy to find a job. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week, so you can work while studying at universities. Studying in USA can help you gain global perspective, improve your English proficiency, and increase career opportunities.

UK as a country is a beautiful nation with adorable places to explore. In the universities you can find endless ways to enjoy yourself, make new friends and participate in different activities. A supportive learning and living environment can be found in UK. Moreover, the all the universities in UK are state based (Government affiliated). Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week. Russell group universities in the UK are well known for their placement programs. At the UK universities you can improve your speaking skills, be a part of huge job fairs, discover incredible culture and end up having a lot of fun.

Students in Canada witness diverse and multicultural classrooms. Canada is known for offering high quality education and research opportunities to its students. There is a flexible transfer between types and levels of education upon which we will be discussing in our blog designated to Canada. Canadian universities provide students with world class education, extracurricular activities and cultural programs. students here as well are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. You can find renowned colleges everyone has been dreaming about in Canada. Their co-op programs are well known which help you to get placement before your graduation.

How we can help?

We at Rapidex Global Education Consultants have been working since many years to help students accomplish their study abroad dreams. We provide free counselling and assist students at every step of their study abroad journey, beginning from Selection of Universities, admission documentation, scholarships, pre- departure counselling, visa-documentation, student loan, to IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL classes. We have direct tie- ups with the universities which make it easier for us to get you enrolled in your desired universities.

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